M5A1: Essay – Analysis of a Religious/Spiritual Group

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}   .jqueryUIWidgetized .ui-widget-overlay { background: #aaaaaa; opacity: .3; } .jqueryUIWidgetized .ui-widget-shadow { -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #666666; box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #666666; }  M5A1: Essay – Analysis of a Religious/Spiritual Group        //<![CDATA[  !function(){   var o,s,v;   if (!(window.Promise && Object.assign && Object.values && [].find && [].includes && (o={},s=Symbol(),v={},o[s]=v,o[s]===v) && (function f(){}).bind().name===’bound f’)) {     s = ‘s’, document.write(‘<‘+s+’cr’+’ipt src=”https://du11hjcvx0uqb.cloudfront.net/dist/ie11-polyfill-eaf1bda494.js”></’+s+’c’+’ript>’);   } }();        //]]>           function _earlyClick(e){       var c = e.target       while (c && c.ownerDocument) {         if (c.getAttribute(‘href’) == ‘#’ || c.getAttribute(‘data-method’)) {           e.preventDefault()           (_earlyClick.clicks = _earlyClick.clicks || []).push(c)           break         }         c = c.parentNode       }     }     document.addEventListener(‘click’, _earlyClick)                

You will find many of this week’s assigned articles helpful in responding to these questions. You will also find information on the Internet or in the Excelsior College Library (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Please keep in mind that Wikipedia and most other .com websites are not acceptable academic sources, and therefore are not acceptable to use in this paper.You will first need to conduct some research.Using the Excelsior Library, locate at least three (3) current, credible, peer reviewed articles to support your paper.In addition to the 3 required articles, you may also include information from professional sources (e.g. professional organizations or government reports).Once you have located and reviewed your sources, please write your paper. Address the following questions.Each question should constitute one half to one page of your paper.Provide a brief description of the spiritual or religious group you chose. Your introduction should include the most current available demographics, e.g. group size and within-group diversity, etc.; any prevalent health issues noted in the literature; and areas of the country/world where members reside.Describe the religious beliefs of the group as they relate to health related issues such as birth, death, illness, health, treatment options, etc. Also describe any religious rituals associated with health, healing, or illness practiced by the group. Your job is to describe the beliefs and rituals of this group that health providers should understand and be aware of to ensure spiritually appropriate care.Identify at least two potential conflicts that may arise due to differences between group religious beliefs and the beliefs and values of the dominant culture in health settings. Describe any health needs that this group may have that are likely to be unmet by the health profession due to the risk of conflict. Choose one of your identified conflicts. Describe one strategy being recommended as a best practice to address this conflict.Describe which of the National CLAS Standards support(s) this strategy and how.

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