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One of the most effective ways to promote children’s language and increase their vocabulary is through reading!  Every classroom needs to be rich in literacy-enhancing materials and experiences. This assignment will link selecting quality books for young children to a variety of subject matter.

The Assignment

For this assignment, you will create a list of 8 children’s books that promote literacy in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies and Technology (2 for each category).  You will be looking for books that encourage children to explore these content areas.  Included for each book must be:subject, title, author, illustrator, copyright date and a brief description (minimum length of 3 complete sentences) of the story. Books (a total of 8) must be numbered and in a chart format.

In addition: you are to choose 2 of your books and discuss how you plan to use these books in your classroom with children.  Areas that must to be addressed are:

What content/subject matter does the book cover? (math, science, ss, or technology)

What skills will you focus on?  (what concepts of math, science, etc are you wanting them to learn?)

What activities will you incorporate related to the book? How will you use the book in whole group and then in small group/centers? 

**For each book, the write up should be a minimum of 7 sentences.  (stating that you will read the book to the children is not sufficient)  You should also include the actual cover of the 2 books that you have chosen. **not a picture of the book that you took off the Internet

Grading Criteria

The summary is graded on a 100 point scale. Maximum points are given when 8 books are listed (in chart form) with the subject, title, author, illustrator, copyright year and brief description 

*10 points: information is in a chart format

*1 point: for each required component of the books.

*20 points: for descriptions of the books.  

*20 points:paragraph write up for 2 books is included 

*10 points: photos of 2 chosen books

-Spelling and Grammar will be evaluated


Public library, book stores, etc.  

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