2 different homeworks. 1 is 5 sentences the other just answer the

1. Below is the URL of a video, available from John Jay’s library collection, about the 12th century composer and all around genius, St. Hildegard von Bingen.  She is one of the most remarkable women in Western music history.  You will need your John Jay email login to access it (from anywhere).


 The following is the final scene of Hildegard’s morality play, “Ordo Vitutem” (The Play of Virtues). 


 In 5 sentences note some ponts about her life and works that strike you.

2. The following link is to a documentary on the development and spread of the Madrigal.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2mYvgO6CxY  it is 55 minutes long.  Take notes on people in particular, but note any favorite songs.
Please watch it for next class. Please answer the following questions, uploaded as Word (Doc, Docx), PDF, RTF, or text.  Number your responses.
1) What woman was most influentially in the early development of the madrigal?  What was her influence?
2) Where did many of the composers come from?
3) Comment on the use of texts, and how the music set them
4) How did its use change as it moved to different countries, especially England?

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