Data | Information Systems homework help

  1. List 5 factors that you need to consider when Creating a Big Data Implementation Road Map.
  2. What are the 12 questions when Developing a Well-Governed and Secure Big Data Environment?
  3. Describe the characteristics of predictive analytics.  What is the impact of Big Data (social media) in predictive analytics?
  4. Use the following scenario to answer questions.

While working as a database analyst for a national sales organization, you are asked to be part of its data warehouse project team.

a. Prepare a high-level summary of the main requirements for evaluating DBMS products for data warehousing.   

b.Your data warehousing project group is debating whether to create a prototype of a data warehouse before its implementation. The project group members are especially concerned about the need to acquire some data warehousing skills before implementing the enterprise-wide data warehouse. What would you recommend? Explain your recommendations.

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