12 slide powerpoint presentation does nutritional content of cereal


Powerpoint presentation 12 slides 

◦Data Source

◦Data is pulled from Walmart.com who shares the Nutritional Facts label on all items listed as well as price and ounces per box of cereal. 

Project Title: Reviewing the rising cost of box cereal

Proposed Research Topic: To determine whether nutritional content or other predictor measure(s) of a cereal affect its price. 

Introduction:  In today’s fast paced society, cold cereal has become an essential at the breakfast table in many homes.  This breakfast preference is not only a favoured choice for children, but also favoured by many adults; thus making the cereal industry big business.  Many supermarkets devote an entire aisle to cold cereal, boasting vast selections and flavours to intrigue even the most health conscious consumer.  The huge array of choices and price variations tend to confuse the consumer, making product selection more difficult.  Our research will take a look at the nutritional content of several cereal brands and the effect of its ingredients to the price.  

Research questions:  

a. Do the ingredients affect the cost of each box of cereal?

b. How much does the farmer cost of ingredients affect the cost of each box of cereal?

c. How much does transportation influence the cost of cereal?


1. Discuss with team members to clarify and provide data for regression model.  We will also research the internet to inquiry and discuss the below topics.

a. Independent variables

b. Dependent variables

Data Analysis: All data for this study will be analysed utilizing Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Package. 

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