Project 4: human resources insider threat guidelines

 Project 4: Human Resources Insider Threat Guidelines
Step 14: Document Findings in a Presentation

You now have all of the information needed to develop the slide presentation that provides information to the San Francisco City office to avert situations similar to the Childs case.

Develop a narrated slide presentation of 10-15 slides that shows your findings. Include all of the information you gathered from your previous research, summaries, and reports.


Before you submit your assignment, review the competencies below, which your instructor will use to evaluate your work. A good practice would be to use each competency as a self-check to confirm you have incorporated all of them. To view the complete grading rubric, click My Tools, select Assignments from the drop-down menu, and then click the project title.

  • 1.7: Create neat and professional looking documents appropriate for the project or presentation.
  • 2.1: Identify and clearly explain the issue, question, or problem under critical consideration.
  • 6.3: Integrate the human aspect of cybersecurity into an organization’s cybersecurity policy.

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