Contemporary issues in science and technology: analysis


In a Microsoft Word document of a minimum of 500 words, include the following:

  1. Research questions: List a minimum of two research questions that will help you to analyze the problem.
  1. Current hypothesis: Include a hypothesis about how you think the system currently operates.
  1. Collect data and create two visual models of the data that show the current state of the system. Put the data into MS Excel and generate graphs that show the current state.  
  1. Create a comprehensive visual model of the system/process you are researching.
  1. Draw clear conclusions: Document your findings and deliver a professional statement about the analysis according to Christian virtues and values.
  1. Attach an Excel sheet that includes the raw data that was collected to show the current state of the system.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.


Business: logistics, operations, finance, international trade, regulatory systems

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