Policy analysis draft 2 | Article writing homework help

For your second draft, you need to edit and revise your first draft, which is on the file attached that is including correcting grammatical errors highlighted by turnitin ETS grader. 

You technically need to only add 1 or 2 pages to the previous draft assignment which is also on the attachments.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not ignore my comments, as these will be the only recommendations and suggestions for revision you will receive from me directly for this paper. 

FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: I highly recommend you read in detail again the description of the assignment: Domestic Policy Analysis FINAL.  Several of you are still not following instructions, and points will be deducted on the final paper if you neglect to follow the guidelines for formatting, length, and proper Chicago Style citation for both in text citation and your references page. As I state in my original description, for proper formatting of title page, table of contents, and the executive summary, consult Chapter 4 of The Political Science Student Writer’s Manual; for review on proper Chicago style citation consult Chapter 5; and for details on the Domestic Policy Analysis paper consult pages 146-150. There is absolutely no excuse for improper formatting even in your drafting process.


1. Edit and revise your first draft, taking my comments and ETS grader from turnitin for grammar into consideration; I will not make comments on grammar, just on content and format, but will deduct points for syntax and punctuation, as turnitin will point out those errors, on the final draft.

2. You will add section IV Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Policy to your paper. See below for description.
IV. Effectiveness and Efficiency of the policy: an explanation on how well the existing policy achieves what
                  it was designed to solve; presents an analysis on how well the policy performs in relation to the effort
                  and resources committed to it.

3. You must complete at least 7-8 pages for draft 2 with proper formatting and APSA style.

4. You will submit your draft via Canvas for a grade on Thursday, April 8 by 5:00 PM

5. You will review and provide feedback to an assigned peer through Canvas via Turnitin by Friday, April 9th 11:59 PM.

GRADING: You will receive one point for your draft and following instructions; you will also receive one point for the quality of your peer review. Total points=2

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