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You have been assigned to create a spreadsheet that shows how your friends (You May Use Imaginary Friends if Necessary!) spend their days.
(1) Survey ten friends and ask them how much time they spend on the following activities:

  • School, Homework
  • Sleeping, Eating
  • Socializing
  • Spending time with Family 
(2) Once you have your ten friends statistics you will open a blank workbook in MS Office Excel and document your statistics. Summarize the data by totaling the numbers on a row in the spreadsheet. 

(3) Using the data from the spreadsheet you created, create a bar chart to display the contents.


  1. Survey Ten Friends and Document the Statistics on an Excel Spreadsheet. 
  2. Create a chart to document the survey data.
  3. Save the file to attach in the discussion board.
  4. Save as: Lastname-DB4

Create a thread on this discussion board with the following:

  1. Share your Excel File by attaching it to your post.
  2. Discuss your experience. What was easy or difficult for you.
  3. Click to view your formulas. Did you create the formula manually or using a function?
  4. Discuss how to view your formulas and explain why formulas are important.

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