Visual basic2010 programs exercise chapter 3 and 4

visual basic2010 programs exercise chapter 3 and 4

Programming Exercises – These will be assigned either from the textbook or from instructions on this site. Credit will be earned by submitting both screen shots of the project while it is running (Your program – not Visual Studio) and the source code with documentation commenting. You will create a Word document named Chapter 1 and your initials (example Chapter 1 KLC) 1. Be sure the source code appears in the main window of Visual Studio. If not, right-click on the form and select CODE VIEW to bring up the code editor and display the code. 2. Edit-> Select All, or Ctrl A 3. Edit-> Copy, or Ctrl C 4. Open up your Word document and paste. 5. Edit-> Paste, or Ctrl V For the Screen shots: 1. Click on the window with the information you want to capture. This should be your running program. 2. Press Alt+Print Screen (the Print Screen key is on the upper part of the keyboard). This will create a copy of your screen on the Windows clipboard. 1. You can also use SNIPPING TOOL located on the start menu in Windows 3. Go to your Word document 4. Edit -> Paste, or Ctrl V 5. Save the Word file, which should have all your screen shots and the source, code included into one file. 6. Add as an attachment to the assignment submission. Go to the assignments link, find the chapter submission, under the attach file section – click browse my computer – find the file and open – when you have attached the file – click submit.

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