The iceberg model and corona virus

You must analytically compare how two countries — Sweden and Norway – have responded to the crisis of Corona Virus. In doing so, please use the Iceberg Model.

First, describe the policy responses of both governments since March 2020. 

Second, highlight the most important results that have been obtained so far in both countries. Please frame your answers with due attention to results in public health (total cases, total deaths, total tests, total deaths/population etc.) and in the economy (for example, impact of the measures in GDP, employment, etc.). Please feel free to choose the economic and social indicators that you deem most important. Finally, please answer: what country has performed better and why?

Third, assume you are an economic advisor to either government. Place yourself in the bottom layer (Source) and consider these two statements: a) we will not open the economy until it is safe because human life trumps all; b) an economic lockdown makes the remedy worse than the disease. 

Now, please address these questions: Which of these two best guides the advice you will finally recommend? Can you think of any other guiding principle for your advice? If so, what would that be?  

Please limit your response to max 4 pages in Word, with references.

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