Bus 745 corporate social responsibility

Professional Assignment 2 – 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained a new significance in today’s competitive

world and has extended the involvement of organizations into society.

Does this involvement benefit local communities, national, or global interests? 

Continuing with your chosen company from the previous assignments, identify all stakeholders

that gain a benefit from a given company’s CSR initiatives.

● Detail how each stakeholder group has benefitted. (Give details about each stakeholder

group, their relationships with the organization, and how any symbiotic relationship has

benefited the stakeholder group (if it, indeed, has done so)

● Detail how each of these stakeholder relationships has benefited the company?

DO NOT write your paper as a series of answers to these numbered questions. This

assignment should follow the written assignment guidelines for the course. Be sure to include

APA formatted in-text citations of peer-reviewed or other sources you used for your research.




Note: As a minimum, the textbook and eight (8) peer-reviewed sources shall be used and


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