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TITLE: Article Three

Introduction: Teacher Inquiry on the Influence of Materials on Children’s Learning (Voices)

This assignment fulfills

Module Outcome 1 and 2: Define linguistic Intelligence, big books, flannel board, quiz cards, and webbing. Define webbing as a way of planning, some guidelines for selecting excellent and appropriate literature for children, and ideas supporting linguistic intelligence.

Course Outcome 3: Create developmentally creative learning materials, experiences, and environments for children that are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse.

General Education Competency: You will have to communicate effectively using American Standard English conventions in professional and academic environments.

The Assignment:

Summarize the attached article, in your own words, by answering the three questions listed below. Each question should have an answer that has at least 5-7 sentences. Please make sure you read the statement on Plagiarism. Also, do not copy and paste the article – that is plagiarism.

1.    What is the main focus of the article?

2.    What are three strategies/resources/ideas that are discussed in the article?

3.    How will you implement the strategies/resources/ideas from paragraph two when working with children?

Grading Criteria

20 points – Three paragraphs are included; each paragraph has a minimum of seven sentences

20 points – First paragraph summarizes the main focus of the article

30 points – Second paragraph summarizes three strategies from the article

20 points – Third paragraph gives specific strategies/ideas you will use when working with young children.

10 points – correct grammar and spelling are used.


Young Children, November 2016,“ Teacher Inquiry on the Influence of Materials on Children’s Learning (Voices),” by Rachel Schaefer.

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