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1. Comparison/contrast. Marie Menken’s Go! Go! Go!(from last week) and Andy Warhol’s Empire both experiment with time and speed: Menken gives us an accelerated tour through different parts of New York City, while Warhol focuses on just one building.

Write s discussion post that compares and/or contrasts your experience of watching these two films. (As I noted in this week’s module, you do not necessarily have to watch all eight hours of Empire) What is your response to each film? What do these two films have to say about time, attention, speed, and/or the city?

Since I’m asking you to respond to two films, please make your post slightly longer than usual (400-500 

Andy Warhol, Empire (Links to an external site.), 8 hours (1964) (Note: Empire is an eight-hour film! You are not required to watch the entire film, but do watch enough to have a durational experience)

Marie Menken,Go! Go! Go!  

2. Annotated bibliography 3 

Write an annotated bibliography for the scholarly readings assigned on social theory (Baudrillard Garap).  Be sure to start with a full citation of the reading and use bold for this header to distinguish the text from your annotation.

An annotated bibliography is a three paragraph, 350-400 word assessment of an article you read. 

You may take a look at an example attached below, on the full version of Robin Wood’s article “Ideology, Genre, Auteur” (1977).

  • The first paragraph (usually the longest) summarizes the author’s argument and the conversation or research question with which it is engaged.  Do your best here to present the author’s argument on their own terms.  Quote a key phrase or two that help communicate the main idea.
  • The second paragraph offers thoughts about what from this article could be useful for you, given your subject or area of interest.  For instance, all of you will be writing about Star Wars in relation to ideas about genre.  When you read a theory about what genre is or how genres change, are there ideas that do and don’t make sense for the way you’re thinking about Star Wars?
  • The third paragraph discusses the limitations you see in the author’s argument given the scope, method, or subject matter used to make it.

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