Discussion 5.1 and 5.2 | Information Systems homework help


The executives at helping hands hospital system (3HS) was just briefed on the Federal Health IT Strategic plan https://www.healthit.gov/sites/default/files/9-5-federalhealthitstratplanfinal_0.pdf.  They want to know what initiatives in the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan address health system integration and why it would beneficial to the hospital system.  What will you tell them? 


The 3HS executive vice president just stopped you in the hallway, saying she just read a piece in a listserve e-mail from HIMSS about the Sequoia project, the new advocate for nationwide health information exchange.  Knowing your expertise in things HIT, the EVP has asked you for a quick update on the Sequoia Project.  What do they do and what is the relationship to eHealth Exchange, formerly known as the Nationwide Health Information Network by ONC? 

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