Applying culture as comfort to you


tems to Address on the Assignment Form:

  1. Identify and describe two cultural comforts you have that you acquired in childhood and still practice. That is, discuss two cultural patterns that you learned early in your life.  These can be patterns you share with others in your family or another group but they cannot be patterns unique to you (Why not?  Because we are studying how you learn to belong to groups, not how you might be different from others.).
  2. Drawing on course materials (and citing them in this section — especially Chapters 2 & 3 in your text), explain how you learned each of these cultural comforts from other people in childhood. When you reference course materials, briefly cite them and make sure to put quotation marks around any direct quotations or you might be caught plagiarizing! For example, you write As Mahler (2012:29) writes, “we must integrate into the social world in which we are born.” 
  3. Observe and analyze these cultural comforts in yourself (perhaps they are your cultural “ruts”). In this section, describe how you “do” these cultural comforts today.  During the past week or two, when and how did you “do” each and why?  (Analysis involves thinking deeply about the question “Why?”)
  4. How could you challenge your cultural comforts in your life? In this section and linking your ideas to the course materials, suggest concrete ways that you could get outside these two cultural comforts you acquired in childhood and still practice today.  (If you challenged yourself explain what you did to escape your comfort zones!) Explain why your suggested approaches would challenge you (or did challenge you).

How to Cite Sources for this Assignment:

  • Written publications should always give the author and year of publication such as (Mahler 2012).  When there is no author, just give the publication title and year of publication.
  • Videos, podcast, etc.: cite with name and module where found in the course. If supplied by you, give its website.
  • Online sources: give at least the abbreviated website where you found the material.
  • Do NOT create a bibliography, just make sure you indicate what course materials you use in your work. 

The response form you must fill out is linked here.

Actions   Click on the link and open it up.  Fill it out and submit it through Turnitin by the deadline.  That is all there is to it! 

CRITICAL:  To earn a high grade for this very important assignment you

(1) YOU MUST REFERENCE & CITE AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT COURSE MATERIALS (text, videos, OLL, etc.).  Three citations of one source is not sufficient.  Three different sources must be used and cited.

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