Paper 1 | Sociology homework help

For this paper, I’d like you to think about a few different points regarding the pharmacology of drugs. How do the duration, potency and subjective effects of certain substances lend themselves to the people/cultures that surround those particular drugs? Do you think “homeostasis” is the same for every individual; why or why not? Many of the most toxic and dangerous psychoactive substances on Earth (i.e. alcohol, DXM, prescription drugs) are either loosely scheduled or unscheduled altogether, while some substances with virtually no toxicity and/or abuse potential are in Schedule I. Why do you think this is the case, and how do you feel about it? Finally, knowing that we already have all the neurotransmitters inside us needed to produce the effects we associate with any psychoactive substance, do you think humans will ever harness our brain’s ability to produce the release of neurotransmitters without drugs?

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