Discovering human sexuality in cyberspace:


Action Assignment 4.1

Discovering Human Sexuality in Cyberspace: Find a Web site that provides a good starting place for further investigation about male sexual anatomy, physiology, and/or response. Then, answer the following questions:

1.  What is the URL of the site?

2.  What is the title of the site?

3.  Who is the author?

4.  If an organization sponsors the site, what organization is it?

5.  What search engine did you use to find this site? Or what link did you follow to find this site?

6.  What keywords did you use in your search engine?

7.  What made you select this Web site to present?

8.  Summarize the contents of this Web site.

 9.  What two things did you learn from this site that are different from or reinforce the lectures  and/or the textbook?

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