Add comprehensive speaker notes to presentation | NR 700 | Chamberlain College of Nursing

 topic chosen substance abuse

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the differences and similarities between the three forms of nursing inquiry: quality improvement (QI), research, and evidence-based practice (EBP). This assignment will allow for a discovery into the aim, methods and outcomes associated with each type of inquiry, including how these forms of inquiry are distinct yet similar in addressing a nursing practice problem. Peer review is integral to the evaluation process of academic work. Formulation of a PowerPoint presentation which is inclusive of comprehensive speaker notes that supports professional formation, communication, and dissemination skills relevant to the DNP practice scholar.

This assignment has three components:

  • first, three selected forms of nursing inquiry (QI, research, and EBP) are compared and contrasted in a PowerPoint presentation to address a nursing practice problem;
  • second, a peer review of the PowerPoint presentation is conducted;
  • and, third, feedback from the peer review is incorporated into a professional PowerPoint presentation where comprehensive speaker notes are added.  This will reflect student understanding and presentation of the communication of the information on the professional slides.

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