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 To understand nursing as a whole, we must break it down and get better understanding of the many different parts that nursing involves. Conceptual models can help us to break down the vast amount of the information we need to know in order to do our jobs efficiently and skillfully as we can. “Models may help APRNs articulate professional role identity and function, serving as a framework for organizing beliefs and knowledge about their professional roles and competencies, providing a basis for further development of knowledge” (Hamric et al.,2019).

Many people may agree that when we think of nursing the word “caring” comes to mind. Nurses care. Medical providers on the other hand get more of a description such as knowledgeable and skillful. Advanced practice nursing (APN) is the connect between the two and allows care that is both holistic and comprehensive. Dunphy and Winland-Brown’s Circle of caring conceptual model can help us navigate through giving care that is both compassionate and perspicacious.

“The Circle of Caring model was proposed to incorporate the strengths of medicine and nursing in a transforming way. The conceptual elements are the processes of assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation, with a feedback loop”(Hamric et al, 2019). This model is a great way to look at how we view our role as advanced practice nurses. One of the reasons I want to become a Family nurse practitioner is to be that person that can be empathetic and also skillfully prepared to care for my patients. I want patients to be able to not only trust me with their healthcare needs but also feel comfortable to express their concerns without feeling rushed. 

An example of using this model would be a woman going to her provider to choose birth control. As an FNP, I want to be well informed on the different types of birth control and how they work in the body. I want to be able to let her know of the side effects and answer all questions she may have. Also I want to know her lifestyle, her future plans for having children her reasoning for wanting contraceptives in order to give her the very best option for her as a whole. 

There are many examples that I could use with Dunphy and Winland-Brown’s Circle of Caring conceptual model that would allow APRNs to bring care and skills together to give that all around care we strive to give. As we learn and grow throughout this program I definitely not only want to be as knowledgeable as I can, but also give care that I would want to receive myself or for my family.

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