Risk mitigation and contingency | Computer Science homework help

Omega Research is a rapidly growing research and consulting firm. It has a single main office located in Reston, VA, and three small branch offices located in San Diego, CA, Salem, OR, and Kansas City, MO. Omega is not currently involved in e-commerce or business-to-business relationships. Two weeks ago, Omega experienced a significant loss of proprietary data (estimated value $550,000.00) that was stored electronically in an Oracle database in the main office in Reston. The data was unrecoverable and backups were not being routinely maintained, so no restoration was possible. Although he has no hard evidence, Omega’s CTO believes that the loss resulted from deliberate deletion of files by a systems administrator from the Kansas City office who had been let go several weeks prior to the loss. To add insult to injury, four days ago, Omega’s CEO received a phone call from one of the company’s largest clients informing her that Omega’s website had been defaced with pornographic content. Needless to say, the CTO has been tasked with getting things under control. You have been hired as a consultant to develop a comprehensive plan for improving the company’s security posture in order to prevent future compromise of Omega’s networks and networked resources in the form of a risk assessment. Your guidance and observations will eventually be used to develop a long-term procedural and policy solution for Omega Research. The CTO has stepped up to the plate and made the commitment to do whatever it takes to address these issues. Wide area architecture Omega leverages AT&T Managed Internet Services for each of its office locations. Omega owns and manages the border routers for each of its office sites. Offices in Reston, San Diego, and Kansas City receive full T-1 service. Offices in Salem receive 256k F-T1 circuit service. Local area architecture Perimeter protection provided by screening router. Configured for dynamic packet filtering using reflexive Access Control…

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