Functional areas and ics terminology


This discussion is optional and ungraded.  It is intended as an informal introductory discussion to some of the basics of ICS. We will look at the five functional areas of ICS as well as terms and acronyms used by Incident Commanders and Emergency Management personnel.  Please do the following:

1.  List the five functional areas of the Incident Command System. Describe each of them briefly.

2.  Choose one of the functional areas and elaborate on the responsibilities of the area you chose.  

3.  List and describe acronyms that are commonly used by Incident Commanders and Emergency Management personnel. This could likely have come from your previous experience during an actual response. For those with limited or no ICS experience, report on terminology that you could see your area of involvement (fire, police, public health, TSA, emergency management, etc.) using during an emergency response. This might help us all to understand the acronyms and jargon used during an ICS response by other agencies a little better.

must be at least 250 words supported by at least tow references 

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