Ethics, corporate responsibility, and sustainability


Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, and Sustainability

Leaders are in positional power throughout organizations. Today’s news is full of stories in which corrupt leaders are engaged in a variety of ethical transgressions. An abuse of power has the potential to impact all organizational stakeholders. So how do leaders rise above and establish themselves as ethical? Leaders must create and foster an environment in which everyone is treated with trust and mutual respect. Leaders have an impact on how their followers behave and what they achieve individually and organizationally. Ethical leadership is a consistent commitment. 

Week 4 Learning Objectives

• Identify the characteristics that contribute to leader effectiveness.

• Explain what people want and organizations need from their leaders.

• Describe how different ethical perspectives guide decision making

• Explain how leaders influence their ethics environment

• Summarize the important issues around corporate social responsibility.


5 Corporate Social Responsibility Trends to Follow in 2020

 Corporate social responsibility in an era of COVID-19


Ethical Leadership,

Part 1: Perilous at the Top Ethical Leadership-video

  Best Practices -Ethical Leadership -video

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