Project management microsoft project it 625 | IT 625 | Southern New Hampshire University

You will analyze the Medical Informatics case study in order to complete a draft of the schedule planning, risk planning, and risk control report. The detailed guidelines for what should be included in this draft are outlined below. You should use the headings provided in the outline as headings in your draft to ensure that you have considered all of the required elements. 

Specifically, the draft of your project planning and controls report should include the following: 

A. Project Schedule Planning: Using MS Project, develop a comprehensive project schedule plan outlining completion dates, tasks, and relevant milestones. You should include all relevant artifacts that pertain to scheduling aspects of the project plan. In your project schedule plan, you could consider: 1. Tasks that must be completed before others may begin 2. Tasks that can be done at the same time 3. Durations of each task 4. Planned vs. actual dates 

B. Project Risk Planning: Craft a plan for identifying and monitoring risk. In your plan, you could consider: 1. The amount of uncertainty in the project and how to deal with it 2. The threats of greatest concern 3. How each threat should be dealt with 

C. Risk Control: Determine corrective actions and controls to deal with uncertainty and its impact on the project, based on your risk plan. Ideas to consider may include: 1. Appropriate quantification of the risks (probability vs. impact) 2. Contingency funding or time buffers in place to handle threats 

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